Main Street Vinyl

We Buy Vinyl!

We're always buying pre-loved vinyl (LPs & 45s)!  We can offer cash or store credit.

  • We look for music mainly from these genres: rock n' roll of all types, pop, r&b, metal, punk, hip hop, jazz, blues, & some country

  • Some genres, such as classical, big band/swing, gospel, comedy, etc. are not in great demand, so we are much more selective when it comes to these albums. 

  • Vinyl should be in good condition, no warping and minimal scratches, and must have the covers in good condition.  

  • We can make house calls for collections over 1,000 pieces. 

We are unable to give any price quotes or valuations over the phone or via email.  Condition and many other factors (rarity, posters, pressings, etc.) goes into the value and it's impossible to accurately give a price without seeing the records.  

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